Maintenance Manager

Serenity Inns, Inc. Maintenance Manager Job Opportunity

About Serenity Inns:

Our mission is to offer an opportunity for holistic recovery from addiction and alcoholism to men who need it most, in a compassionate community of accountability. Our vision is a world where addicts and alcoholics who choose recovery may find it.

Serenity Inns is a holistic residential program offering hope to men who choose recovery over addiction and alcoholism. Our highly structured three-phase, seven-month program addresses men’s physical, social, emotional, financial, and spiritual health needs so they can live in recovery and become productive members of society. Our environment is one of support, accountability and dignity that gives the opportunity to rebuild his life to the man who is serious about changing.

We own and operate a 12 bed residential treatment home at 2825 W. Brown Street, and a nine unit sober apartment building at 832 N. 25th St., in central Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Position Overview

The Maintenance Manager is a part-time role responsible for the upkeep of our two buildings. The position reports to the Director of Programs and Facilities.

General Position Description:

  • Support and embrace the mission, vision and core values of Serenity Inns and its program.
  •  Work with the Director of Programs and Facilities, along with the Property Committee, to accomplish the long-term maintenance plan, yearly and long-term budgets for the Inn and Alumni House.
  • Update, as necessary, the written program for routine maintenance, care, protection and repair of the buildings.
  • Update, as necessary, the safety plan for the buildings to meet City building and fire codes.
  • On a regularly scheduled basis, conduct proper and thorough safety checks of the buildings per the routine maintenance program checklist.
  • Perform repairs and maintenance as required by the maintenance program or as needed.
  • Maintain a secure storage area for tools and material and oversee the keys, key fobs and security monitoring systems.
  • Conduct relations with repair contractors in a professional manner and maintain the list of approved repair contractors and suppliers.
  • Work with the Milwaukee City Inspectors in connection with their required inspections and assure compliance with the inspectors’ requirements and requests. Answer the Inspectors’ requests in writing and maintain a log of all correspondence with them.
  • Ensure that permits are pulled by the contractors or volunteers for all work for which a permit is required.
  • Maintain the system for the recording of maintenance requests and record the corrective actions taken.
  • Meet periodically with the Property Committee as requested by the Director of Programs and Facilities, to discuss the overall needs of the buildings.
  • Support the volunteers who periodically help in the maintenance of the buildings.
  • Perform other maintenance duties as directed by the Director of Programs and Facilities.
  • Submit expense reimbursement requests for approval by the Director of Programs and Facilities for the costs of material, supplies and other out of pocket expenses incurred and paid for the Maintenance Manager.


  • Working knowledge, experience and skills needed to perform basic maintenance and repairs to the following:
    • basic building structure
    • gas
    • electric
    • sewer
    • plumbing
    • furnace
    • A/C
    • appliances
    • water
  • Valid Wisconsin driver’s license.
  • Computer skills: Google docs, MS Word, Excel,
  • Knowledge of City Codes and which maintenance and repairs will require City permits.
  • Physical strength and stamina to do the work and operate required equipment.
  • Self-motivated; able to see what needs to be done and get it taken care of.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, courteous and helpful attitude toward staff, vendors,volunteers and residents.
  • Flexible schedule; available for off hours emergency calls as required.


    The compensation will be competitive and reflective of the applicant’s experience.


    Jason Dobson — Director of Program and Facilities — — 414-873-5474