Our Mission

2014 April Event


Our mission is simple. Help men who choose recovery over their addiction with drugs and alcohol. We help give men the opportunity to have a fresh start in life.  We provide the only recovery facility in Milwaukee that doesn’t require insurance or ability to pay. Our three-phase transitional program helps men build the foundation they need in order to be re-introduced to society. It is a highly structured program modeled after a program of recovery within the ministry of Shared Hope in Washington, D.C. – Samaritan Inns – that has been successfully operating for the past 30 years.

Leadership Education Acceptance Program (LEAP)
LEAP has proved to be highly effective in preparing individuals to be successful residents in phase two, the transitional living program (TLP). The goal of LEAP is to assist the individual in understanding himself and his addiction, in learning how to deal with that addiction, and in developing a commitment to recovery.


Transitional Living Program (TLP)
Phase two is the 6-month TLP which places significant emphasis on assisting residents in becoming better managers of their financial resources, learning basic life skills and healthy ways to live an independent life in recovery.


Independent Living Program (ILP)
Residents receive assistance in making healthy and safe living arrangements, including furnishing their apartment once they move out. Serenity Inns has always provided follow-up services to graduates of the program.

Please see our referrals page for more information.