Alumni House

In June 2016, Serenity Inns purchased a 9-unit apartment building at 832 N. 25th Street, about 1½ miles from the Inn, to serve as Alumni House. Alumni House is desirable and affordable housing for persons who choose and are committed to developing their independent living skills.  The apartments are founded upon the belief that drug and alcohol-free community-oriented living is critical to ongoing movement toward wholeness for those who choose it.  The apartments (7 two-bedrooms and 2 one-bedrooms) are being upgraded and redecorated by volunteers as they become available.

Since Serenity Inns graduated its first resident in 2004, graduates have shared their nightmare stories of trying to find safe affordable housing because of evictions, prison, or poor credit ratings in their backgrounds.  Alumni House, a treatment-supported community, now makes affordable housing available to men who have graduated from the program, have sustainable employment, and a support network.  The men are tenants who sign a lease, pay a security deposit, and monthly rent.

The shared housing at Alumni House is designed to give tenants the benefit of living in community and supporting each other in their recovery.