Kenneth Ginlack, SR
Executive Director/CEO
The Executive Director is the senior management leader of Serenity Inns, Inc., and is responsible for overseeing the administration, finance, programs, development, donor and external relations, and strategy of the organization to fulfill its mission commitment. The position reports directly to the Board of Directors.
Jason Dobson
Director of Programs & Facilities

A graduate of Serenity Inns in 2011, Jason has since earned his Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and MBA degrees. As Director of Programs & Facilities, Jason is the senior operations leader of Serenity Inns and responsible for overseeing the three-phased programs and facilities of the organization. He manages the resident selection process and leads addictions counseling and case management for the clients of Serenity Inns and Alumni House. He is also certified in Trauma Informed Care.

Virginia Zignego
Director of Development & Administration
Virginia is responsible for Serenity's revenue streams which fuel the organization’s mission and maximize our impact in the community. She works on a daily basis with churches, foundations, individual donors and community partners.
James Nichols
Innkeeper/Counselor Assistant and Onsite Alumni House Manager

James is involved in the daily operations of Serenity Inns and provides counseling to the residents of Serenity Inns' treatment facility.  He also serves as Onsite Manager at Alumni House.


The primary role of the innkeepers is to provide a “Ministry of Presence,” being visible and available, showing compassion and respect, listening without solving, maintaining accountability, and modeling a responsible lifestyle for the residents.

Lee Lewis
Alfonso Thurman
Jason Seney
Robert Olson

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